Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Question: We are living outside Delhi in a different state in different city, will it be possible for us to get married at your Arya Samaj Mandir, Harit Vihar Delhi? And will the marriage be valid legally?

Answer: Our law provides for this privilege that if you live in any part of the country in any village or city, you may get your marriage solemnized in any place according to your convenience. Similarly, if you come to our Arya Samaj Mandir, Harit Vihar, Delhi, and get your marriage solemnized here, then the marriage will be fully valid.

Question: Why every mandir does not perform marriages?

Answer: If any Mandir performs "Arranged Marriage" then they fear of losing its reputation and peace because many people will drink wine and eat non vegetarian food and become indecent. This will result in fighting and rampage etc. And if they perform "Love Marriages", they are under fear of being attached and killed by the parents and families of boy or girl. The government does not provide us with any security cover for such fears. Such marriages are always carrying high risks. Suppose a girls get married contrary to her parents wish, her family members becomes wild and their anger fully aroused and they always misbehave with the members of Mandir and try to harm us.

Q: Please tell us some good Omen.

Ans: All the principles of Arya Samaj are based on reasoning and not on superstition. When we test this reason we find it to be a big superstition. Therefore Arya Samaj never seeks any good or bad omen in performing marriages.

Therefore whichever day suits you is the perfect day for your marriage. When God has made all days equal then we, human beings cannot determine which day is better than the other.

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Question: Will you be able to get our marriage solemnized at any Arya Samaj Mandit in any city in any part of our country according to our convenience?

Answer: We are involved in solemnizing marriages at our Arya Samaj Mandir which is located at Harit Vihar, Delhi. We do not have information about any other Mandir because each mandir is governed by its own committee. Therefore, they are not linked with each other.